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We want you to have a great stay! Here's everything you need to know to get the most out of your visit to The Clark!




Henry Clark House Suite entries at the Clark are keyless. Check in at our Carriage House office to get the front door key. You will be provided with passcodes to access your Suite. Please do not share codes with others. Always secure doors before retiring for the evening.


SMOKING - The Henry Clark House is a smoke-free residence - please refrain from smoking while on the property.





Storage areas contain these useful items for your stay:


  • Iron and ironing board

  • Mobile phone charging cords

  • Extra lightbulbs

  • Beach Bag

  • Hairdryer

  • Cleaning Supplies


Laundry - Some suites are available with laundry facilities, which are provided for your personal use during your stay.

  • Please use detergent provided, and CLEAN DRYER LINT FILTER after each drying cycle. 

  • Please do not launder Clark House linens or towels  - Just let us know if you require replacements, and we can come pick up used ones.

Fish Cleaning - Fish are not permitted inside the Main House. You may clean and store your catch in the complimentary facilities provided by The Henry Clark House. Bringing fish into your suite will incur an automatic minimum cleaning fee of $50.




Please turn lights out when you leave your Suite. Outdoor Lights are on a timer.


COMMUNITY - Please observe House & Village Quiet Hours of 10-7am when enjoying outdoor seating, and in your suite.





Your comfort is important to us! The environment at the Clark House is fully adjustable for your convenience. If you need assistance with any of our environmental systems, please text us at 607 280-7270 so that we may be of help! 


During your stay -


  • Air conditioners are on in Summer by default, but can be controlled using the white remotes near the TV. 

  • In colder months (Oct-May),  suites with fire features are active, and may be operated using the remote. 

  • Suite thermostats can be turned up manually.


Pillows and extra blankets are located in closets in The Bedrooms, as well as throws throughout the Suite. Please do not hesitate to use them!

CLEANING - You will always find our Suites 'Clark Clean'! The Clark does not charge a cleaning fee for its guest stays. Please leave your suite as you found it, (dishes cleaned, floors & common spaces tidy), with the exception of dirty linens. Hampers are provided for soiled towels. If you prefer not to clean up after your stay, no problem! You may let us know when you place your reservation. Our 'Clark Clean' service fee is $75. 





  • Suites are furnished with High-Speed Internet service on the Clark House network.  WI-FI password will be provided at check-in.


  • Flat Screen Smart TVs are loaded with all major streaming platforms, controlled by remote. LG Channels function like basic cable. Press the HOME button on remote to access streaming channels. Angles are adjustable for convenient viewing.


  • Radios in suites are bluetooth enabled, so you may stream music from any paired device.



We regret that The Clark House cannot accommodate pet stays. As always, registered service animals are welcome. 




  • For your safety we ask that there be no smoking or open flames (candles) in the Main House or grounds.


       Please cook only in your kitchen area, unless your              suite is equipped with a grill.        


  • There is a First Aid kit located in each Suite. If you were to need any further assistance, please call 911, and then text us. If we are on site, we will assist if we can, as we are trained in CPR/First Aid.

  • Emergency flashlight is located in the kitchen in each suite.  In the event of a power or internet outage, please be patient, and we will keep you posted as to remedial actions and resumption of services.



  • The Henry Clark House is a No-Smoking property. Please do not smoke in your suite, on the porch, deck or anywhere on the grounds.

  • Check-in and check-out: Check in at our office for front door key unless prior arrangements have been made. Kindly observe check in/check/out times 3:00 pm - 11:00 am, that we may ensure the comfort of all of our guests.


  • Other Residents - Please be kind and respectful to other guests and residents during your stay, including our Clark Cats, Maxine and Zeke. 


  • Parking - Ample guest parking is available in the lot in front of the Clark House. Each Suite is allowed 2 parking spaces maximum. We ask that guests not park in the rear of the building, unless otherwise arranged..


  • Property Access - Codes for your stay are provided in your check-in email. PLEASE do not share them with others. If you lose them or forget, Just text us at 607 280-7270.

  • FISH - Absolutely NO FISH inside the main house or suites. Please clean and store fish in areas provided, and dispose of entrails in appropriate receptacles. A minimum $50 cleaning fee applies for fish brought into suites.

  • Pets - Pets cannot be accommodated at The Clark


  • Smoking - The Clark House is a smoke-free property. The Village Green is a short walk, and  a lovely spot to sit. Please smoke off grounds for the safety and comfort of all.


  • Washer/Dryer - (for suites with laundry facilities) Please feel free to utilize these for your personal items only. Kindly DO NOT launder Clark House linens or towels. You may place them in the hampers provided. 


  • Please NO WET LINENS or clothing on furniture! You may utilize hooks and hangers provided in your suite. Other wet gear may be stored in the areas designated for your suite.


  • Shoes - Please remove shoes in your foyer area. We ask that shoes not be worn in areas with rugs/carpets. Sandy beach tootsies may be rinsed at the south side of the front gardens, where there is a hose and sprayer!


  • Parties and Events - Please NO unplanned parties at the House. Events and Gatherings at The Clark may be arranged in advance as a separate rental, for a fee.


  • Visitors - visitors are welcome to stop by the Suite to visit guests, so long as the maximum 2 space parking limit is observed. Please no unplanned overnight visitors at the Suite.


  • Noise and Neighborhood - Village Ordinance requires quiet hours be observed between 10 pm and 7 am. For the comfort of all our guests, please be mindful of the volume of voices and devices after those hours.


  • Security - Please keep doors to your suite closed and locked when you are not in the residence. Do not share codes with others.


  • Accidents/Breakage - It happens! Just let us know as soon as possible if you have a spill or breakage occurrence in your Suite. 


  • DELIBERATE damage or negligence will not be tolerated, and will result Police involvement, and in your party being asked to leave the Henry Clark House, among possible further legal actions.


  • Clean-up, Garbage and recycling - please place garbage and recycling in appropriate containers provided in your suite. Please leave linens on beds.

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